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Credit and Debit Processing

Our philosophy centers around treating customers the way we like being treated: providing help quickly when it’s needed, lending expert advice that improves business and resolves problems, and offering services that fit into a reasonable budget. We have a wide variety of processing options to fit your business needs, including terminals, mobile and tablet solutions, POS systems, and web-based applications.

Here are a few of our services:

  • Retail, restaurant and hospitality
  • eCommerce payment gateway solutions
  • Card-not-present, back office, mail and telephone order (MOTO)
  • Donation pages/payment pages
  • Secured recurring/card-on-file transactions
  • ACH/bank-to-bank transfers
Man paying with NFC technology , credit card, in restaurant, bar, cafe

Mobile Payments

Man paying for service on mobile phone

Do you want the freedom to take your payment system with you in your car, to a convention tradeshow, or wherever you go? You don’t have to be tied down to a countertop or office to receive payments from customers. Accept payments anywhere you take your phone or tablet!

  • No more lost sales: get an immediate approval or decline
  • Flexibility: use it anywhere you have cell phone service
  • Fraud prevention: mobile processing options include customer signature capture at time of sale
  • Save time: transactions happen real-time, rather than calling or keying them in later
  • Multi-function device: Phone, email, texting and credit card processing

Customer Analytics and Rewards

Deepen the relationship with your customers and grow your business

Woman working on financial data with computer

What if you knew whenever it rained, your sales dipped 25%?
You could send rainy day specials to your customers.

What if you knew that your “regulars” were coming in on Fridays, but new local customer traffic went down that day? You could run a local marketing campaign for Fridays.

If you knew how to use transaction information to send customized loyalty and marketing offers directly to your customers’ mobile phones, would you send incentives on the products they love the most?

You can start using that information right now! We can show you how to get advertising results like the big guys without spending all the money. Contact us to learn more.


Working Capital Financing

Get working capital without a bank loan

Merchant Cash Advances are designed to help small and mid-sized businesses turn a hidden asset – their future credit card sales – into working capital, without the hassle of a bank loan.

Portrait Of Couple Running Coffee Shop Behind Counter with point of sale system

With working capital, you have the freedom to invest in growing your business:

  • Renovate
  • Manage seasonality
  • Expand your business
  • Cover emergency expenses or repairs
  • Purchase inventory
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Advertise

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift cards are a great way to brand your business, introduce yourself to new customers, and create additional revenue at a small investment cost. Gift cards:

  • Are among the most popular gifts to give and receive
  • Act as advertising for your business
  • Are easy to track
  • Create additional revenue because they are nearly always redeemed for more than the cost of the card
Woman paying with credit card. Point of sale system.

POS Systems

Thinking of what a point-of-sale system could do for your business but scared of the equipment cost and support maintenance? Contact us – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the system you can buy for a reasonable price. And if you currently have a POS system in place that you use, we are compatible with multiple point-of-sale systems.

Mother Paying For Family Shopping At Checkout With Credit Card

Clover Station®
Would you like the advantage of limitless customization opportunities through the app store, software that automatically updates, state of the art payment security, all in the size of a tablet? Let us show you Clover. See how this expandable, easy to use and affordable system can make your business life better than ever.

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