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Advancing the Retail Industry

You’re in the retail industry in the 21st century. You need more than a simple payment
processing device—you need a robust inventory management system, a fully integrated
customer loyalty program, and maybe even the ability to sell your products online.
Let’s get you where you need to go.

Our Retail Solution:

Clover® POS System

The Clover® point-of-sale system is currently the most modern, intuitive, and flexible POS system on the market, offering a wide variety of app integrations that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect solution for any business or industry—especially retail.

Clover® works just like a smart device with an app-based interface and extensive app store!

When you meet with one of our friendly customer service representatives for your free solutions consultation, they will walk you through the Clover® POS system, what your options are, and which apps will best meet your unique business needs.

Clover® Station

Most retail businesses need a Clover® Station—the all-in-one POS system offered by Clover® that includes a large display, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer.

Clover® Mini

The Clover® Station is supplemented by the Clover® Mini, a customer-facing device including a card swipe, chip reader, and mini display screen for the completion of transactions.

Barcode Scanner

The Clover® Station should also be supplemented by a barcode scanner for all businesses in the retail industry, as well as several important apps.

Clover® Flex

The Clover® Flex is the mobile version of the Clover® Mini, allowing your restaurant to process tableside payments. Includes a small display screen and a receipt printer.

Clover® Apps for Retail Industries

Next Steps

Once we have worked together to select the right hardware and software for your retail business, we will get you set up with a merchant services account, install your new Clover® POS system at your location, and provide your team with the training you need to get going!

Everyone who works with us receives:

  • A dedicated customer service representative for your account with us
  • Initial setup and training for your new Clover® POS system and apps
  • A quarterly check-in call to make sure your Clover® POS system is working for you
  • 24/7 support with our friendly, U.S. based team of expert technicians
  • Free refill of terminal paper through our online request form

You can call us for just about anything:

• Support when your Clover® POS system is not operating as it should
• Recurrent training when your front desk staff are feeling rusty
• Replacement parts for your Clover® POS system and integrations
• Refill of paper for your terminal or Clover® Mini whenever you run out
• Support when your payment processing is not running seamlessly
• To discuss your vision and business plans for the future!

Are you ready to usher your retail business into the 21st century with a merchant services provider who offers the latest technology?

Still not sure?

Here's what our clients have to say:

“After being with Cornerstone/eComm forever, we bit on one of those “we can beat their prices” out-of-state merchant processers. What a mistake! A 3-year contract was signed, and after experiencing the hidden fees, the lack of customer service (took days to get a simple call returned) and generally being treated horribly, we came back to Cornerstone/eComm. With Cornerstone/eComm, there are no hidden fees, the customer service is exceptional, and I feel valued as their customer. To top it off—they are local–which keeps our dollars here in the state.”

– Michele Shockley, General Manager, Broadway Signs

Still not sure?

Here's what our clients have to say:

“Cornerstone/eComm is a hidden gem, providing a national-level service in a very competitive industry right here in our Anchorage/Alaska market. In the multiple businesses I’ve worked for and consulted since 2009, they have been consistently recommended. We receive multiple solicitation calls a month claiming the ability to lower our processing rates. All of them are ignored due to the education, consistency, and honesty that has been provided by Cornerstone/eComm. A few years ago, we switched to a competitor for a handful of months only to come back to Cornerstone/eComm after our rate increased silently. Before we switched and after we returned to Cornerstone/eComm the consistency in our overall rate matched the quoted rate they gave us. It would be hard for us to ever switch again, though, even if our rate did increase. The professionalism and quality service that Cornerstone/eComm provides is worth staying for.


– Andy Azelton, Rural Energy

Still not sure?

Here's what our clients have to say:

“Cornerstone/eComm has provided excellent service and local support to our business over the past 10 years. I get around 5 calls a week from other providers and refuse to listen to their offers. I know I am taken care of with Cornerstone/eComm.

– Rick Cramer, General Manager, Hilltop Ski Area

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